VisitScotland iCentre Inverness

Inverness — 4 week duration

Design, Manufacture and Installation of Visitor Centre


We are working with VisitScotland to design, manufacture and install 15 VisitScotland iCentres, in various locations around the country. In May 2017, we completed Inverness within 4 weeks, starting with an extensive renovation to get the premise ready for installation.

Inverness presented two challenges for us. One was the fact that we required access into a pedestrianised zone and the other was that the unit itself was small. We knew we had to strike the perfect balance between designing the interior fixtures and fittings to accommodate the needs of the business, for example, maximising the amount of merchandise on display, while also ensuring there is sufficient floor space to allow the maximum number of visitors.

We therefore introduced flexible designs that would allow the layout of the iCentre to be changed to suit different purposes or be reconfigured to allow other products and services to be introduced.

As this was a high street location, our Design Manager created graphics in line with brand guidelines, that would not only grab the attention of passers-by, but would make this space informative, visually impressive and relevant to its users.

This was a very rewarding project, as within the first 24 hours, the iCentre was full of tourists and visitors, all with varying compliments on the design and overall customer experience.


  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Installation
  • Graphic Design and Branding
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