Financial, Legal and Commercial Offices

First impressions are everything and can be the difference between engaging a client or losing them.

We provide space solutions that work for you and your business, offering a turnkey design and installation service that supports your environment and promotes your organisational goals.

It’s important to understand the relationship between the design and the everyday working reality of this space so the right balance can be struck between practicality, functionality, productivity and overall experience.

We create floor plans, 3D visuals, and Computer Aided Designs (CAD) of proposed office interiors so our clients can get a real sense of the finished office or showroom, before work commences. We also supply contract furniture as well as designing and manufacturing bespoke pieces to create an environment that reflects your values and your brand. We also offer a space planning service which can, in some cases, be more cost effective for clients to have us examine the layout, so we can then advise on the best layout and overall design.

Understanding your business is key and we will work closely with you to ensure you get exactly what your business needs and create a successful working environment for your staff and clients.

Scottish Building Society
Reception wall panelling
Space planning and change management
Reception waiting area

Take a look at our completed Retail and Visitors Centre projects.

Scottish Building Society

Headquarters, Dalry, Edinburgh


Fife Fabrications, Glenrothes

Scottish Building Society

Relationship Centre, Edinburgh

“A big thank you to Izon Projects for the outstanding work creating our new relationship offices throughout Scotland. You 100% captured my thoughts and vision for our relationship centres.”

Paul Denton, Chief Executive – Scottish Building Society

Bar, restaurant and hotels

Bars, Restaurants and Hotels

Our extensive experience in the hospitality sector means we take a professional approach to safeguarding the continuity of your business by keeping disruption to a minimum. 

Retail Stores and Visitors Centres

Retail Stores and Visitor Centres

Every visitors centre has a story to tell and every retail space has a journey to create. Understanding what these are is the platform from which we build the client experience your business needs.

Bespoke Manufacture

Bespoke Manufacture, Fixtures and Fittings

Having worked with diverse industries from fashion and cosmetics to culture and homeware, we have an in-depth understanding of retail trends enabling us to constantly stay ahead.